The Leadership Journey Podcast (21): Ian Parkinson (part 2)


Ian Parkinson from CPAS is back in this week’s episode and shares his wisdom on some important aspects of the leader’s task. He discusses the concept of culture in a church or organisation, as well as the process of leading change, drawing from some interesting concepts in the work of William Bridges. He also talks about mentoring and gives us a list of five recommended books.

The first three are written from a specifically Christian perspective:

  1. Growing Leaders (James Lawrence)
  2. The Undefended Leader (Simon Walker)
  3. Relational Leadership (Walter Wright)

There are two more general books:

  1. Leaders (Bennis and Nanus)
  2. The Leadership Challenge (Kouzes and Posner)

It’s only fair to mention Ian’s own Reignite: Seeing God Rekindle Life and Purpose in Your Church.


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