THE LEADERSHIP JOURNEY PODCAST (30): Helen Warnock (part two)


This week Helen Warnock is back on the podcast. Helen is Principal of Belfast Bible College in Dunmurry.

In this week’s episode she talks about some of the people who have influenced her along the course of her leadership journey, highlighting a boss who knew how to give people opportunity where he saw potential; again she talks about the importance of friends.

She talks about some of the challenges she has faced (some of them are just life and work issues – not particular to leadership) – including the challenge of knowing yourself – and shares her list of key areas of learning:

  1. You are not invincible
  2. Team is fantastic
  3. Take responsibility for your own life
  4. Ask yourself good questions
  5. We need champions
  6. Don’t be lonely
  7. Heart matters.

For your own reflection:

  • What do you make of the special staff meeting that Helen describes? As a leader, have you ever considered publicly and personally thanking those who work with you (including volunteers)?
  • If you work with a talented team, do you genuinely want them to be better than you?

This episode brings season one of the Leadership Journey Podcast to a close. We plan to be back with season two after the summer.

For more on Belfast Bible College’s 75th anniversary, visit their website.