The Leadership Journey Podcast Episode 4: Alan Wilson


Episode 4 of the podcast features the first of the leader interviews where the series will invite a range of leaders to talk about their leadership journeys. In this episode, Alan Wilson, host of the podcast, finds himself on the other side of the microphone, with Gemma Brown asking the questions.

During the course of the interview, he discusses issues such as mentoring, leadership styles and crucibles.

Several books are mentioned:

  • Resilient Ministry (Burns, Chapman and Guthrie)
  • Lead like Joshua (Tidball)
  • Courageous Leadership (Hybels)
  • Isolation (Trebesch)

It’s a longer that normal podcast, so get yourself a warm drink and a mince pie and settle yourself by the fire. Or – if you are an outdoors type, put on your running/walking shoes/skis and head out for an hour!

There’s no podcast scheduled for next Tuesday, but we plan to be back on January 2 with a programme about the leadership journey of Moses.

Here is the link to this week’s episode (and don’t forget you can subscribe on iTunes). Happy listening and have a great Christmas!


The Leadership Journey Podcast Episode 3: Crucibles, Calling, and Existential Intensity


MicrophoneIn this week’s episode there is more on crucibles and we talk about calling and something called ‘existential intensity’ (which really has nothing to do with French novelists from the mid 20th-century).

As we reflect on calling, we discuss ways in which crucibles might be the birthplace of a calling or may be the testing ground for a calling; and we’ll suggest that ‘existential intensity’ is when something a leader believes at some level takes on an extra dimension and becomes part of the leader.

And there will be some questions for you to take away if you find yourself navigating a crucible experience.

It would be great to get your feedback on the podcasts – feel free to get in touch via the comment section.

The Leadership Journey Podcast Episode 2: Crucibles, Character, and how the Leader Relates to God

MicrophoneHere is episode 2 of the podcast which discusses some of the ways crucible experiences interact with the issue of the leader’s character. We also reflect on leaders’ experiences of the love of God.