Book news

It’s just over a month since the book was officially launched (though it was already finding its way out before that). Recently it’s been on sale at several of the summer events, including New Wine Ireland and Keswick at Portstewart. I’ve seen a photo of it alongside a statue of Paddington Bear in Lima, Peru and on a beach in Spain. It’s also made it to Switzerland and Portugal. Thirty copies went to a conference with church workers in Central Europe and copies also went to a group of Christian workers as they came together for a prayer retreat in Ireland. Copies will be going to Nepal later in the year and a church leader in Fermanagh has taken twenty copies for some emerging leaders in his church.

Here are a few ideas about ways you could use the book in coming months:

  • Read it yourself – you could read the whole thing in about 4 hours and that helps give you an overall idea, but there is also value in reading it chapter by chapter and using the questions at the end of each chapter for reflection.
  • Gift a copy to your minister/pastor.
  • Gift a copy to a young, developing leader or a student.
  • Consider using the book with a group of leaders in your church or organisation. What about using it to help with team building over the autumn/winter months.
  • Use it as training material for a developing leaders’ group.

If you are in Northern Ireland, several well-known bookshops are selling the book – including The Evangelical Bookshop and The Book Well in Belfast. If you would like to purchase a quantity of books to use with a group, get in touch with me and let me know what you are planning and we may be able to negotiate a group rate.

Paul Turner (and Paddington) in Peru

If you are travelling to somewhere exotic or iconic this summer, why not send in a photo? You could win a prize!

The Leadership Journey Podcast: Gilbert Lennox and David Scott (Keswick Portstewart)

Last week, in the context of the Keswick at Portstewart Convention, I chatted with two of the speakers – David Scott and Gilbert Lennox – about their leadership journeys. David leads the ministry of Inshes Church of Scotland, while Gilbert (who has been on the podcast previously) is known for his teaching ministry in Glenabbey Church.

**There was a technical issue with David’s microphone at the beginning of the conversation: it gets sorted about 4 minutes in.

If you would like to watch the conversation rather than just listen, follow this link.