The Leadership Journey Podcast (20): Ian Parkinson (part 1)


This week’s guest is Ian Parkinson. Ian is a leadership specialist with CPAS, an Anglican evangelical mission agency that works with churches. He has also worked as a local church leader and in a leadership role with the New Wine network of churches. He is the author of Reignite: Seeing God Rekindle Life and Purpose in Your Church.

In this episode Ian talks about discovering faith and how he found God developing his leadership gift as he grew spiritually.

He spends some time discussing the theme of wilderness, describing a year long phase that followed his time at university. He has come to believe that an experience of being emptied or shaken is the only basis for effective Christian leadership: the leader needs to encounter God and learn to rely on him.

For reflection as you listen:

  • What do you think about Ian’s claim that leaders need to encounter the wilderness if they are to be truly effective for God?
  • Reflect on a time as a leader when you came to the end of your resources and had to learn to rely on God in a new way.

In next week’s episode Ian goes on to discuss the issues of culture and change in leadership.

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