Leadership Learnings: Tim Magowan


Tim Magowan is the Northern Ireland director at Tearfund. He also has a coaching business (check out the link to his Facebook page). Tim shared the following leadership learning which also gives an insight into some of the work in which Tearfund is involved.

Last August, I met Yvette who had lost 8 of her family in the horrors of the conflict in DR Congo.  For the next 8 years, a traumatised Yvette lived on one meal a day…on good days. On the other days, they starved.

Yet, every single day of those 8 years, Yvette had God-given potential within her to bring change. Yvette had the skills of a tailor and the brains to establish a little cooking business, but she didn’t have anyone to unlock that potential within her.

As I spent time with Yvette,  I was reminded that Jesus fed the 5,000 by using what was in the hands of a little boy – 5 loaves and 2 fish (Matthew 14). Following Jesus’ example, local Christians were able to help Yvette use what was in her hands. They gave Yvette $30, alongside some personal and professional support, to set up businesses making doughnuts and women’s clothes. Her eyes lit up with dignity as she described how she now could feed her children better, send them to school and live in a better house.

As a leader, I’ve learnt over the years that each staff member, volunteer and supporter comes with unique gifts and abilities to unlock. It’s led me to listen more and talk less, which has opened up some incredible possibilities: helping to launch Tearfund Ireland and Thrive Ireland to unlock God-given potential in churches in Ireland, mobilising 15 cyclists taking part in our Cycle of Hope raising over £40,000, releasing potential in our incredible team of speakers who help us raise over £150,000 each year. It’s even inspired me to launch my own coaching business so I can help individuals and leaders to unlock their own God given potential.

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